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Edifier XM3BT Popular Bluetooth Speaker 2.1

৳ 4,900.00

Edifier XM3BT multimedia speakers is a modern 2.1 system designed for convenience and comfort while packed with the latest in features and function. … The XM3BT from Edifier pumps bass bumping sound from your computer directly to your ears.

91 / 100

Edifier XM3bt Bluetooth Speaker

  • RMS 40W output power
  • 5 1/4″ (148mm) subwoofer with powerful low-frequency feedback
  • 3 1/2″ (88mm) mid-range and treble unit
  • A front-facing bass reflex port on satellite speakers
  • Line in/volume control/power
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • USB/SD card input
  • FM radio tuner
  • Side control panel on sub-woofer
  • Remote

Bass Reflex Port and Subwoofer

The Edifier XM3 speakers has a front-facing bass reflex port on satellite speakers to enhance low-frequency. The subwoofer delivers powerful low-frequency feedback.

Design and Quality

The XM3 multimedia speakers are in wooden enclosure. The mid-range and treble unit deliver great sound performance.

XM3BT Superior Audio Quality with USB & SD Card Inputs The Edifier XM3BT multimedia speakers is a modern 2.1 system designed for convenience and comfort while packed with the latest in features and function.

An upgrade from XM3, these speakers have been reworked with the latest components and firmware to meet the demands of today’s consumers while staying true to the original IT speakers. The XM3BT is available in black only.

  • Speaker
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

Technical Details

Swarnim Banerjee
Given that I was actually looking forward to buying their bookshelf speakers, which as per reviews are amazing to say the least, these 2.1’s are way better than what I was expecting for the price. The sound quality, although not true to the base audio file it plays from (Has minimal effect addition to the sound), is frankly amazing!
The speakers weight around 7+ kgs and they’re worth the weight! The SDF wood used here seems to be of great quality, and the plastics and overall built seem solid and add a very premium feel to the device. As far as looks go, these look fabulous.
The sound quality again is rich, the highs are clear and well defined, the mids not so much, although on an instrumental track you do get a good experience if you’re looking forward to catching most notes being played in the background. Switching between multiple genre’s with little or no equalizer effects was taken very well by the XM3BT and the clarity was appreciable.
Again, I’ve been comparing these to all 2.1s in this category till a price point of around 8-9K INR. Even the Harman Kardon Soundsticks might not sound as good given the price you might be getting this for.
Coming to the bass! It sounds incredible, its deep and rich and fills the room with everything ranging from bass heavy Hip Hop to slow mellow Jazz. My friend and I tested these out as soon as we got them, paired our phones and started with high quality audio.

What felt like a slow unimpressive start completely disappeared in around 15 mins of playback and was replaced by rich vocals and pure room filling bass!

Coming to the perceivable cons, I feel that the satellite speakers in this set are rather big. They sound amazing and probably have a reason for being big, but they are big nonetheless and wall mounting is probably a bad idea. Please note that they do not come with a built in wall mount slot out of the box.

Second, the wired aux provided in the box didn’t work perfectly, maybe its the one I received, maybe it didn’t plug in well into my phone, maybe it needs a good old warmup! Third would be the lack of a remote, which frankly, edifier should have just added. Controls at the side of the subwoofer need to be fiddled with every time you might want to change something.

Wire length is good. Speakers are robust. And the orange led lights look great and premium. For those who think lights might look cheap and filthy, Edifier got the aesthetics right with this one. It’s an amazing device, definitely worth a buy given you can overlook what I perceive to be rather negligible cons. Hope this review helps!




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edifier earbuds price in bangladesh